doTERRA Essential Oils: A Better Alternative

Your Personal Wellness Advocate


My name is Justin Fritz and you can think of me as your personal Wellness Advocate for your journey with doTERRA.  I have been experiencing and using the oils in my life since January 2015 and was blown away by how effective they are.  At the time I was a Store Manager for Target and took pride in being there for my team every day.  Sick days were not an option for me.  One day I started to feel something in my nose and throat and my head was a little cloudy.  Usually when I get sick my symptoms last up to two weeks and it is miserable.  My girlfriend offered to use the oils to help and to my surprise within 48 hours I had zero effects!  I was blown away and felt the urge to try more and share this new knowledge with everyone I knew.  Since then I have been using oils for everything from physical issues to mental clarity to household cleaners.  These oils have become a way of life, they have saved me money, and most importantly empowered me to take control of my health.

I believe in the product so much that I have left my career in Retail Management so that I can have more time to share the gift of Doterra Essential Oils with people like you.  People who are looking for a better option free from synthetic, manufactured remedies and the side effects they cause.  I want to help you fulfill your potential and face every day with the confidence that you are in control and ready for whatever life throws at you.

Please feel free to reach out to me anytime for anything you need.  I am here to help.